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Source quality-assured range of Rubber Stoppers, Nebulizer Adult Mask, Oxygen Pediatric Mask, ELY Gel Hand Sanitizer and more!

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Competitive pricing, customer-oriented policies and quality-assured product range are core values of our company, Shrinath Products. Based upon these values, we have been gaining trust of our customers by offering a wide variety of Oxygen Pediatric Mask, ELY Gel Hand Sanitizer, PVC Nebulizer T Piece Kit. We, at our company, believe in reaching a wider audience for which we keep expanding our business operations and product-line. Therefore, our product line does not limit to aforesaid products but includes rubber stoppers, as well. Blue Rubber Stopper and Red Rubber Stopper that we offer are made of Butyl, Silicone, Bromobutyl and Chlorobutyl formulations. Today, we not only work as a manufacturer but exporter and importer, as well. Thus, becoming a global recognition in International market.
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Many pharmaceutical packaging companies lack necessary equipment required for carrying out mature processes and systems to maintain consistency and quality. Our workplace is equipped with all the modern systems for carrying out production process of plastic and rubber products including Blue Rubber Stopper and other products to be used in the healthcare industry. When it comes to safety and reliability, we stand next to none. For this reason, every potential customer choose us over others. The major customers we have involve some pharmaceutical packaging product entities, clinics, hospitals, etc. Our Quality Commitment Good manufacturing practices along with quality compliance programs ensure that all the products and services we offer meet industrial quality standards and customer requirements. As per our quality programs, we have all the testing capabilities and laboratories to bring forth the best-in-class line of products including Red Rubber Stopper and Oxygen Pediatric Mask. Safety and Environment Policy We, at our company, strive to responsibly perform our business operations through sustainable approaches. Be they our employees, customers or shareholders, we are committed to help each one of them and our communities remain healthy and safe. Environment protection is also our responsibility. Therefore, we carry out our activities in a sustainable manner for preventing pollution. HSE is the key stone of our business strategy. Based on this policy we aim to achieve our goals and minimize the risk of substance in our production that may otherwise create risks related to health, safety and environment. HSE is the responsibility of every person working with us. Management is responsible for seeing the proper implementation and maintenance of HSE practices. Our employees are responsible for attaining all the safety and environmental objectives by carefully practicing HSE guidelines. We relentlessly work to achieve the following objectives: Maintaining safe and healthy work environment. Minimize environmental impacts. Optimizing the use of resources. Inspecting offices, laboratories and other units on regular basis. Conducting regular audits of our HSE Management System. Providing HSE training to our employees. Communicating HSE problems with our employees. Standing up to all the HSE guidelines.